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It’s truly heart breaking when I hear stories of people frustrated and fed up after seeing no results jumping from one diet program to another or using ineffective diet pills. 

STOP WASTING MONEY and your time on "quick fix" solutions that simply don’t work.

After training thousands of clients over 18 years, I tested many diet strategies and developed my own approach. This has been successfully by clients to lose anything from 5-12 kg in 28-days.

For the first time my Detox Diet Plan is available online, so you can take advantage of my knowledge like my clients to achieve the body you desire.

So if you're a frustrated dieter or simply looking to reset your body with detox then find out more why this plan is for you.

We at TheDetoxGuy EMPOWER YOU with the nutrition, exercise and mindset to SUCCEED whatever your goal.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY today and we can help you on your journey to becoming healthier, fitter and slimmer you. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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Beelay Before and After

"It is easy to follow. During detox, I lost about 2-3kg"

"Weight loss was not an initial reason for challenging myself, however, cleaning and repairing my body was. I finally discovered the benefits of being healthy."

"I would like to thank Rafael so much for this wonderful detox program"


March 2018

"Over the course of the 28 days, I managed to lose 10.8kg, which was more than I had dared to hope for." 

"The food was enough to satisfy my hunger as I was eating 6-7 times per day, and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it."

" proof that this plan works."

Pete Davidson

June 2018

Pete Before and After

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About "the detox guy"

Hi I am Rafael, originally from Brazil I have been living in Malaysia for 12 years with my family.

In 2017 I competed Internationally at MuscleMania in Miami-USA (see pic below). I completely re-worked my diet and workouts to prepare myself - a lot of the content on this site is what I learned.

So this stuff really works!

Not only did I drop from 16% body fat to 3.2% body fat, but the physiological changes were amazing too.

Today I have boundless energy. Fresh, fast when comes to running, more conditioned than ever before - all from the diet strategies I developed.

With a little help from us, you can too!

My 90-day Body Transformation

90-day Body Transformation

After 90-days I dropped from 16% body fat to 3.2% body fat.

How did I do it? First by using my 28-day detox diet plan that got rid of excess body fat whilst keeping lean muscle mass.

Are you looking for similar results? Then you're in the right place!!!

Let me be YOUR COACH helping you every step of the way to create the body of your dreams.

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