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17 Reasons Why Diets Fail

You have likely heard every excuse there is for not starting or sticking with a diet plan. If you’re being truthful to yourself you will likely have used a lot of these yourself.

Firstly, don’t be hard on yourself. WE ALL DO IT!

The challenge is accepting change requires effort and once you have started to push to get the results you know are around the corner.

So here is our list of 17 reasons why diets fail.

1. Being Doubtful

If you haven’t even start yet and already doubt if this is going to work or not, maybe you are not ready yet. Think about it, you are reading to start because you need help at the first place, you may have tried many diets before and not yet seen any results, we are sharing successful strategies that thousands of people have used to get amazing results!

Never doubt, go forward and give it a try!


2. Procrastination

There will be never the right time, the right moment, the right spot to do something; you create that time, that moment. Don’t wait for things to be perfect for you to start this diet. Don’t need to wait for the “next Monday” to start up. One more day without taking action towards your goal is one more day you are going away from reaching your goal. Take action and do it now. No more waiting. You have been thinking of “doing something” for yourself for so long,

Now that you have in your hands, DO IT and DO IT NOW, TODAY!

3. Being Unprepared

Preparation is the key for you success in any diet or fitness program. You got to prepare your meals but even before then you have to get to the shops to buy them!

Make a list of what you need to buy, take your time to go in different shops, you might don’t find all in one place, be patient and complete your shopping. Prepare your meals ahead of time; pre cut vegetables and juices, making it easy and convenient for you. PREPARE TO WIN. Last minute preparation doesn’t work.

4. 99% Complete Is Not 100% Complete

It’s not okay to miss one meal, or one juice, or anything. Everything in the 28 days program has a reason why it’s in there and you should follow accordingly. Missing one meal and tell yourself that you were busy and you just miss “that meal” can be the beginning of the end. 100% completion it’s a necessity to succeed.

5. Mood Swings

Understand there will be changes to your metabolism, and so there will be changes in your psychological state when it comes to any changed in diet or eating habits. You cannot let your MOOD determine your actions.

Meaning your diet plan it not only good when you FEEL like doing it and not just when you wake up not feeling like doing it anymore.

Understand that you will be challenged, so be aware, nobody is pressuring you to do it, so its no ones fault you’re dieting, so do it calmly, knowing that it’s going to be a healthier and better change in your life.

6. Avoiding Temptations

Don’t fall for it. Stay strong in your path.

Really want to eat cake? Resist, its not forever.

Such temptations are the reason you are the way you are now, needing help. Eat well, eat enough so you wont be thinking of having a “cheat meal”.

7. One Time Cheat Meal Won’t Make A Difference

If you sabotage yourself with this kind of thinking you will most likely not succeed.

IT is NOT OK to cheat on YOURSELF.

Please don’t sabotage your PROGRESS. You are stronger than the desire to eat a cake, or drink a beer. Doing so has an impact more than just physically; you are simply kidding yourself.

8. Comparing Yourself With Others

Comparing yourself with someone else is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself. Your life, your desires, your results are unique and unique to.

No one else lives exactly your life so please don’t compare yourself with others.

Don’t compare the “WHY” some people don’t need to do a diet plan and you do, or WHY some people can eat whatever they want and they still look good… The “why some people” kind of thinking will kill your FOCUS. It’s not about what others are doing but what you are doing it.

Only YOU can CHANGE YOUR BODY. Stop comparing and start doing.

9. Lack Of Focus

Focus is everything for you when undertaking a change in your life.

Keeping focus each day will mean you stay true to what you’re trying to achieve – long lasting change. You’re looking to take back control of your life and get to way you want to be, stay focused on this aim.

10. Deprive Yourself Of Your Daily Routine/Commitments Just Because You Are Doing A Diet Plan

How often I hear people saying that they can’t go to cinema because they are doing diet. “Are they going to watch a movie or to EAT”.

Often we hear also people saying that “ I cant go out with my friends no more, because everyone is drinking but not me” …are you going out to hang out with friends having a good time or your just need to go out to drink…

Making changes to your diet doesn’t mean you give up completely on your lifestyle. It shouldn’t be about depravation, any diet or exercise plan that relies on this would be doomed to fail.

Continue your life as it is, with friends, family, social events, just pack your food or eat earlier making the necessary adjustments to assure the success of your plan.

11. Deep “Love” Relationship With Food

Food it’s food.

Food is required to feed the body; it’s not something you can live without it.

Don’t stress on your deep and possible unhealthy relationship with food.

Remember you eat to live you don’t live to eat. Don’t over think about why you need to eat this kind of food or why you can’t eat that kind of food.

At this point you need help to get out of where you are and progress. Your poor eating habits got you where you are today. Change, improve and progress. Food is just food. Learn how to eat healthy and enjoyable.

12. The Blame Game

Take responsibility for everything you do. You are responsible for the preparation, buying the groceries, preparing your meal plan, cook, wash, plan for the next day so on…

Blaming someone or anything the reason “why “ you didn’t do what you suppose to do, WONT HELP YOU TO SUCCEED. Take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of your actions. DON’T PLAY THE BLAME GAME.

13. Too High Expectations

Many diet and exercise plans can help you lose some weight and feel good but not all offer long-lasting change.

Go through the process and understand that your metabolism will change and you’re likely to experience new things. You don’t know how your body will respond to it, do it a day at the time, do your best each, and enjoy the results you will see.

Don’t put up EXPECTATIONS when you can’t control the outcome. UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR BODY WILL WORK instead wishing to become a “Victoria Secret Model or a Men’s Health Cover” in less than one month.

14. Thinking Of The End And Not Being In The Present

“WHEN I REACH THE END I WILL BE …. This or that “.

Don’t over think about the outcome, take each day as they come and do your best. The most important thing for you right now IS YOUR NEXT MEAL.


15. Listening To Others

People have the ability to empower or destroy you, ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN.

Feedback is always nice but be aware the impact this can have on you. Whatever the feedback, good or bad, remember one thing: IT DOESN’T CHANGE YOUR LIFE OR YOUR GOALS.

People will always talk so don’t be someone who is so influenced by others, otherwise your good days will depend on compliments or even fake comments.

Stay grounded. Stay focus. Don’t listen to others. Advice that always works is to say: “Thank you, have a nice day.” God or Bad, be polite, and go forward on your plan.

16. Change Direction Half Way

Commit to something, start it and finish the process.

Working or not working you would know only IF you fully complete the course. Starting a diet plan with high expectations without understanding your body, you may decide to stop and take another direction halfway through because someone promises you that you would lose 20 pounds in 7 days will make you definitely confuse and lost. Stick with it and finish what you have started.

17. Lack Of Self Discipline

This is the ULTIMATE KEY! Without SELF-DISCIPLINE you will struggle with any diet or exercise plan. In fact you will likely struggle in your personal life, professional life.

Do what you need to do, despite you feel like doing it or not. Can you do that? This is Self-discipline. Commit, do it, finish it, no matter what happens.

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