Easily Transform Your Body, Glow With Health And Ooze Confidence in Just 28 days

Former MensHealth Cover Star Reveals His Unique Formula To Quickly Achieve That Fitness Model Look, Using His 100%​ Natural And Easy To Follow Nutritional Plan


Hi, I'm Rafael aka "The Detox Guy".

Give me a few minutes to outline why our 28 Day Detox Diet Plan is changing people's lives...

you won't regret it!

Introducing Rafael aka "The Detox Guy"...

I spent years trying every diet plan going but they didn't deliver the results for me. 

After so much frustration from many failed attempts I started my own experiments to see what really worked to deliver results every-time.

The outcome is my 28-Day Detox Diet Plan.

My diet plan has been followed by thousands of my personal clients around the world to successfully trigger life-changing transformations.

Now for the FIRST TIME EVER this is available online directly to you.

I will be your own personal nutrition and training coach.

Over the years I have developed and refined a tried and tested nutrition plan that will transform your body and mind.

This works whether you want to simply detox and reset your body to improve health or to get rid of excess unattractive stubborn fat.

  • Never need to COUNT CALORIES
  • check
    Can be used whenever you need
  • check
    Works whatever your BODY SIZE

I’m passionate about sharing this with you.

WHY? Because I have seen first hand how effective this plan is for my clients and know it can work for you too.

I cannot describe to you how good it feels to hear feedback from a client. It's positive conversations and feedback that make me truly love my job.

This is the REASON I have been doing this for over 12 years - transforming peoples for the better!

So whatever your goal, here’s how and why I can make this promise to you.

Rafael Duro Mens Health Magazine

Me on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine in Indonesia (April 2012)


Competing at MuscleMania in Miami-USA 2017 where I placed Top 3

I have transformed my body and thousands of people just like you over the years... I can help you too!

Pete Before and After

"I can’t recommend this plan highly enough."

"Over the course of the 28 days, I managed to lose 10.8 kg, which was more than I had dared hope for."


"... living proof that this plan works."

Pete Da​vidson

- June 2018

What's the #1 reason that's stopping you feeling great and looking slimmer this year?

Bad habits and years of poor food choices have most likely led to the condition you’re in today. You have most likely attempted to turn things around but have suffered set back after set back.

You’re not alone, thousands of people have been there – the difference is I have helped them to transform not just their body, by losing stubborn fat, but empowered them to take back control of their lives.

They control their food choices and are not at the mercy of cravings from morning till night.

Of course, lots of people transform their eating habits and get healthier and fitter on their own, like people find their six pack all by themselves. For the rest of us, we go and get a plan, a strategy, from someone who has done it before. Which takes us LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of where we would be if we just tried to go it alone.

The key difference between my detox diet plan and just "eating healthily" is that I teach you not just what to eat but how to shift your mindset.

I help break the habits associated with eating unhealthy processed food, the same habits that can also stop you fulfilling other goals in your life.

I would like to thank Rafael so much for this wonderful detox program…..It is easy to follow. During detox, I lost about 2-3kg in 7 days. I finally discovered the benefits of being healthy.

Beelay Profile Picture

BeeLay Cheah

The detox helped me a lot, I lost 4.2 kg in the 7 days and during the following month, total of 34 days I dropped 10% body fat with the whole 30 days diet plan. Thank you so much! I never thought I could achieve this in my life.

Adeline Profile Picture


You Won't Be On Any Starvation Diet!

Instead You Will Eat 6-8 Times Each Day, Easy To Prepare TASTY Food

#1 Reason Most People Fail is Down to Poor Nutrition.

The simple fact is you need good and enough nutrition to feed your body.

Eating too little won’t get you that slim body you want.

So instead of going through the discomfort of hunger pains throughout the day and night, why not eat proper wholesome food and still lose weight!

Our plan outlines proper unprocessed food that’s easy to prepare and importantly actually tastes nice.

You won't be hungry, as you'll be EATING AT LEAST 6 TIMES PER DAY.

#2 Reason Most People Fail is They Overtrain or Do Ineffective Exercise

There are so many misconceptions about and advice on, the most effective way to exercise.

In this plan my focus is completely on NUTRITION.

If you regularly do exercise or wish to start then combining exercise with your Detox Diet Plan is easy.

There is absolutely NO REQUIREMENT to spend hours in the gym or pounding the pavement with wasted “exercise” time to get the results outlined in my plan.

My exercise plan is designed to compliment the detox plan and means you can workout less but achieve more. 

[Please note: It’s not essential to do exercise during this 28-day plan but if you do you’ll experience even more amazing transformations]

#3 Reason Most People Fail is They Don't See Results and so Get Disillusioned and Frustrated  

Many diets fail because they require a strict regime that’s simply too difficult to follow. Starving yourself or eating disgusting food or shakes makes sticking to such diet plans almost impossible.

Nutrition advice can be confusing too with “experts” often contradicting themselves.

Knowledge can be paralyzing and frustrating meaning you’re often second-guessing your decisions.

“I feel hungry, can I eat more” or “why am I eating this” are common questions when following diet plans.

I avoid the fog of not knowing what to do, giving you the blueprint to transform your body. You can be safe in the knowledge that you have left things in the hands of a competent and experienced professional.

Your job becomes to just execute our plan. And I will give you all the help to do this!

No Matter Your Age, Gender or Starting Level
You Will Achieve Your Goal

Why My Detox Diet Plan Works
When Most Other Plans Fail

Lets be 100% honest here, without good consistent nutrition no diet pill/potion/patch or fancy exercise plan is going to succeed.

This is why so many dieting products fail as they attempt to offer a quick fix in a bottle or box.

My plan isn't a magic pill in a bottle but good healthy nutrition thats based on science, giving your body what it needs to eat well and lose excess weight.

My plan is unique in that there are 4 separate stages split into 7 days that have you eating food in different amounts.

I start by introducing clean, unprocessed everyday food into your daily diet. We are not looking to cut calories, you may even find you're eating more than you typically do!

After the initial 7 days you'll experience fat loss and other benefits such as renewed energy and alertness.

How My Plan Is Different

  • Not a Starvation Diet
    You will be eating 6-8 meals each day
  • No Calorie Counting Required
    No need to ​spend your time counting calories 
  • Not an Exercise Plan
    We focus 100% on nutrition for results
  • Not a Dieting Fad
    No celebrity diet but backed by solid science
  • close
    Not Expensive
    Everyday food available from your local shops

By now you're all set for the next stage where we begin to tweak your bodies protein, fat and carb intake in a way that encourages fat burning whilst maintaining muscle mass.

My 28-day plan works without  exercise although if you normally exercise please do continue to so, as your results will be even better.

Discover How to ENJOY YOUR FOOD Anytime,
Yet Look

Nervous about your next summer holiday and exposing your unsightly fat in your bikini or trunks?

Maybe you have just got back from holiday and realised just how much overeating and drinking you really did!

Many customers find my plan perfect as a part of their "dietary weapon" for trimming down before going on holiday or post-holiday to get rid of excess weight from overeating.

You can use my plan whenever you feel you need it as part of you HEALTHY STRATEGY to stay fit and heathy ALL YEAR ROUND.

Discover How The 28-Day Detox Diet Plan Has Transformed The Lives Of Thousands Of People Around The World To Become Healthier, Fitter, Productive And Slimmer Versions Of Themselves..... You Can Too!

I have awesome testimonials from people just like you who have dramatically transformed their lives. You can see the body transformations in the pictures, I only wish you could see the mental improvements EVERY ONE them have experienced too!

Remember I’m not promising quick fixes here but long lasting change, that YOU can start today!

This means you won’t be in the position you’re in now next month, next year….

I Guarantee to Recalibrate. Retrain and Transform your BODY!

The Biggest Challenge in Transforming Your Life

The biggest challenge is creating any change in your life is dealing with old habits.

Just removing the “unhealthy” food from your cupboards or fridge isn’t going to have a lasting effect.

The real key is breaking old habits and changing and re-wiring your relationship with food.

Wait! I don't want to give up food I love forever

This doesn’t mean giving up unhealthy food or drink that you love forever, but regaining your control over how and why you consume it.

Eating processed foods at the wrong times leads you into a downward cycle. I help break this pattern by turning around your life, giving you that GET UP AND GO ATTITUDE.

Over the years I have helped thousands of people change their relationship with food and make life-changing transformations in their body and mind.

So What Do I Get From The 28 Day Detox Diet Plan?

By signing up to our 28-day Nutrition Detox Plan you get the following:

  • 1
    24/7 Online Access to Course 100% Exclusive Videos and Content:

    Everything you need to get started and to prepare for each stage of the plan available to watch anywhere on your computer, laptop or mobile device. Advice every step of the way on avoiding mistakes and making the programme more effective. I and my team also provide a wealth of other information for those of you looking for the science behind why our plan is so effective.

  • 2
    PDF Downloads of the 4-Stage Nutrition and Exercise Plans:

    Download and print the nutrition and exercise plans to make it easier to buy your ingredients and prepare your food. 

  • 3
    Online Weight tracker: 

    Easy to use weight tracker within your member area so you can set your goal and monitor your progress.

  • 4
    Access to Our Members Only Facebook Group: 

    I and my team are with you 100% of the way on your body transformation. Share your successes with others in the group and post questions for us to answer.

  • 5
    Lifetime Access and FREE Course Updates:

    From time to time we will update our courses and as a member you get these for free. You'll get all the updates free for the courses you have purchased forever *

  • 6
    25% Discount on ALL My Future Courses:

    When a member on this plan you will receive super low prices on ALL FUTURE courses released in The Detox Guy.

    [Soon to be released a full 12-week exercise programme]

Breakdown of the Four Stages in the Plan

Stage 1
7-Day Detox Plan

The first stage is a detox plan that looks to get you eating clean, fresh unprocessed food in the right amounts. With a variety of small portions of food during the day , a veggie juice and some healthy snacks, we will be able to Detox the body , eliminate toxins , as well as we will be able to control the macros intake.

This stage will help to make your diet more alkaline and better hydrated. We will RESET your body back to health.

Stage 2
7-Day Keto Plan

This stage introduces the Ketogenic diet that will try to change your metabolism previously running on carbohydrates as a main source of energy to fats. We do this by lowing your carbohydrates intake, increase the fats and maintain a normal consumption of protein.

During this stage we literally get your body to be a FAT BURNING MACHINE.

Stage 3
7-Day High Protein Zero Carb Plan

This stage is about reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing your protein intake. By now you're be used to eating less carbs and so be used to these nutritional changes. A higher protein consumption will make you feel full and satisfied. We ensure some specific fats, such as coconut oil and mct oil, to help with your energy levels.

Along with the numerous health benefits we are in FAT MELTDOWN stage!

Stage 4
7-Day Macros Plan

In this last stage we re-introduce complex carbohydrates, lean protein such as fishes, feeding the body with good nutrients once again. You will experience amazing energy once you get here as the effects of the previous three stages have changed your physiology.

Once here it's impossible not to have seen incredible changes in physical appearance from fat loss and mental alertness.

You have done your BODY TRANSFORMATION!

What People Are Saying About My Plan

Jessie Profile Picture

"I strongly recommend this detox program for those who want to reset their body"

I got into an accident during a race last year, which put my active self into a complete stop for 2 months. I started feeling lethargic, agitated and depressed.

During the detox period, I had more energy; I slept better, and had no indigestion issues. And for a bonus, my skin, which is acne prone, got better and more radiant. All these put me into a better mood and overall confident boost.

Jessie Thomas
- April 2018

“I dropped 3.2kg and my partner dropped 1.2kg in 7 days"

"After going on a 6 week holiday and thoroughly enjoying ourselves with both food and drink my partner and I knew that when we returned we would need to make a change to the recent lifestyle we had just had.

The detox was rewarding in that I dropped 3.2kgs (and lost 1.5% body fat) and my partner dropped 1.2 kgs (and lost 1.5% body fat) and we both felt much better on the inside too."

29 year old male and 31 year old female
- February 2018
Pete Profile Picture

"Over the course of the 28 days, I managed to lose 10.8 kg"

I can’t recommend this plan highly enough. Over the past 10+ years, I had steadily put on weight and become more and more unhealthy. I had started and failed with countless diets and finally decided that something had to be done. I had my doubts initially as to whether I could stick to it, knowing my history with other plans, but really found that with the proper preparation and self-discipline I was able to commit and successfully complete it."


"I began to see results on the scales within the first few days which only served to boost my motivation. The food was enough to satisfy my hunger as I was eating 6-7 times per day, and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it. I previously had a tendency to overeat but this plan teaches you how to eat the food your body needs as fuel, without going overboard."

"Over the course of the 28 days, I managed to lose 10.8 kg, which was more than I had dared hope for. My wife joined me on this journey and while she didn’t stick to the plan 100%, she was still able to lose around 5kg."

"We are living proof that this plan works. I am confident that anyone who is looking to make a change but doesn’t know where to start, will find that this is a perfect and most importantly effective way to begin the journey towards a healthy life."

Pete Davidson
- June 2018


Take that first step to a BETTER YOU!

You can have the entire 28 Day Detox Diet Plan in your hands within minutes and start learning the SECRETS ONLY my personal clients have received.

The best part is you can get my plan for less than the cost of your monthly gym membership or 1-2 personal training sessions.

Signing up today means you can receive the key to unlocking a rapid weight loss and long-term weight management system forever.

And you can do this with absolutely no risk, because I will guarantee your results (seriously).


We are doing an initial launch of my 28 Day Detox Diet Plan today and offering a special ONE-OFF price of $77 USD. This exclusive member course will never be available at this price again and is reserved for the first 1,000 members. 


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satis​​​​​faction Guarantee

I am so confident you’ll notice amazing transformations from my tried and tested nutrition plan that I am willing to take 100% of the risk.

So here’s the deal…

For the next 28 days go through the course and take action. Follow the nutrition detox plan and if you feel I haven’t delivered value and that you have not experience positive change I will refund your money in full. *

Rafael Duro profile pic

About ​Rafael

I have been in the Fitness Industry my whole life, its been a passion since a young age and has turned into my lifestyle.

From starting out as a Swimmer and Triathlete in my teenage years to working out in the gym during my 20's until now. The last 12 years I have been a personal fitness trainer all over the world.

I have settled in Penang, Malaysia where I have set up my own gym, providing personal one-to-one and Group training classes.

That’s Not All, You Will Get These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...

Bonus #125% off ALL Future Courses Released [LIMITED TIME ONLY]

Our course roadmap this year is for two more courses to be released and you will receive an automatic discount of 25% of these and ALL future courses that I offer on this platform.

So what are you waiting for?
Time to take action...today.

Take control of your life today and make that transformation you have been dreaming of into reality.

Just imagine within just 28 days you could be feeling great and smiling when you see your progress in the mirror.

Buy Today and You'll Receive:

  • 24/7 Access to Member Area for Exclusive Content
  • Easy to Follow 28-day Detox Diet Plan Downloads
  • Access to Private Members Only FaceBook Group
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    Lifetime Access to Course Updates
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    25% Discount on ALL Courses We Offer
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    Exclusive Weekly Members Only Content

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satis​​​​​faction Guarantee

I am so confident you’ll notice amazing transformations from my tried and tested nutrition plan that I am willing to take 100% of the risk.

So here’s the deal…

For the next 28 days go through the course and take action. Follow the nutrition detox plan and if you feel I haven’t delivered value and that you have not experience positive change I will refund your money in full. *

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried for years to lose weight; will I lose weight following your plan?

Will I be hungry throughout the day or night?

Do I need to exercise throughout the plan?

How is this plan different from buying a “dieting” book or PDF online?

How long do I get access to the course content?

I am not entirely happy how can I get a refund?


Every day you wait is another day away from improving your health and getting the body of your dreams. Take action now and start transforming your body and live for you and your family and friends. Be the person you imagine you want to be…. We can help you.


If you’re still on the fence, then perhaps you want some of the people I’ve worked with to have a say about our approach and how it’s changed their life.

Are you ready to discover just how much your life can improve in as little as 28 days?

Copyright 2018 - The Detox Guy

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