7 Day Detox Diet Plan - Healthier, Leaner and More Confident in 7 Days!

AT LAST a diet plan that doesn’t involve starving! We work with you to get you lean in 28-days!

Give me 2 minutes to reveal how we have transformed thousands of people, just like you, in just 28-days with our easy to follow healthy nutrition plan.

Rafael – personal trainer and runner up in MuscleMania in Miami-USA (2017)

Do you make these 7 common mistakes when trying to lose weight?

  1. Skips meals and end up feeling hungry and tired to save on calories
  2. Count calories all day long to avoid “eating too much”
  3. Reach for “diet” versions of your favourite drinks
  4. Eating lots of fruit to top up your vitamin and minerals
  5. Reaching for the “low-fat” options at the supermarket
  6. Avoiding snacking and trying to last until your next main meal
  7. Weigh yourself every day and getting down when the scales don’t move

So What is The 4-week Detox Diet Plan?

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7-Day Detox Plan

We start with a detox plan, with the food choices that contain high alkaline levels. We start a process of hydration, drinking a higher quantity of water and some specific herbal teas, which help the digestive system.

With this Detox we will be able to help to alkaline your body so that the your metabolism will be ready for the following weeks.

Our WEEK 1 will reset your body to prepare it for our strategy.


7-Day Keto Plan

Week 2 we start using low glycemic foods and introduce the ketogenic components of the plan. This will change your metabolism that was previously running on carbohydrates as a main source of energy to fats as the main source of energy.

We will reduce the carbohydrate intake, increase the fats in your diet and maintain a normal consumption of protein. In percentages it would be something like 65% fats, 25% protein and 5% carbs.

In the ketosis state your body will be more like a FAT BURNING MACHINE.


7-Day Protein With Zero Carbs Plan

We will take out carbohydrates and increase the dosage of protein. At higher protein consumption will make you feel full and satisfied.

By now, week 3, your metabolism is more accustomed to any changes you might make so by dropping from a 5% carb intake during week 2 to cutting out completely but increasing protein intake it will feel easier to do.

There will be the introduction of some specific fats to help with energy levels, as well as the numerous health benefits.

Fat Meltdown at the stage!


7-Day Macros Diet Plan

For the last week we would like to introduce back some complex carbohydrates and lean proteins such as fish, feeding the body with good nutrients once again.

By this time your body’s energy should be very high and experienced a complete TRANSFORMATION of eating habits.

You will be seeing fabulous results at this week!!

Real People, Transforming Their Lives in 28-days