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About The Detox Guy

At TheDetoxGuy we are passionate about transforming your body and mind to be healthy, trim and ultimately living life. Yes thats right “living life”.

For us its not only about having a slim belly and rock hard Abs but about enjoying life and giving joy to your friends, family and people you meet everyday.

Our mission if to provide no nonsense advice through our blog posts, social media, one to one coaching, and numerous services and products we offer.

So whatever your goal, we can help you on your journey to become the slimmer, fitter and healthier you.

Rafael Duro

I have had the joy of coaching thousands of customers one on one over the last 12 years. It’s satisfying seeing people transforming their lives, it’s a privilege to be there, helping their journey.

I am not only incredibly passionate about helping people transform their bodies.

After years in the personal and fitness industry I decided in 2017 to compete in two International Bodybuilding competitions and placed within the top 5 and top 3 in each event.

You can read about his 6-month body transformation here.

My Background and Career

When I tell people my whole life I’m in the Fitness Industry it’s hard to believe for some, but well, you never know what you don’t know!!

Fitness has been a passion since young age and it turn into a lifestyle, which turn into business that is helping other people to get fit too.

Over 25 years into fitness:

In 1992 to 1998 I was a swimming athlete and a triathlete. Bear in mind in 1992 I was 10 years old;

In 1996 I started working out in the gym in Sao Paulo – Brazil my home town;

In 1999 I entered the Physical Education University where I received my Bachelor Degree in 2003;

In 2002 I started to work in few gyms in Sao Paulo as an aerobic instructor , swimming coach and Personal trainer. I remember that my pay per class was about 4 Reais which is equal to 1U$D per hour;

In 2003 I started work with a fitness company in Brazil that used to provide training for personal trainers and Aerobic instructor. Because of my ability to learn fast and delivery results at that time I was invite to help those master trainers to train trainers who were much older than me at the time;

In 2004 it was when my career took off when I was invited to work in Indonesia as an International Guess Instructor for an upcoming Fitness Center. I accept the invitation even not knowing any word in English or Indonesian. Challenge accepted and conquer;

From 2004 to 2009 I worked with this company (Celebrity Fitness) another 5 years in different cities in Indonesia and Malaysia. I started as an Aerobic Instructor making 35 times more money than I used to do in Brazil. I grew with them. Until 2006 my work was more a Fitness Professional but at the end of 2006 I had an opportunity to work more into the business side of the fitness clubs, handling PT sales, Membership Sales, Managing sales and technical teams across the region, which made me see a totally different world;

In 2010 (28 years old) I was invited by Golds Gym Indonesia to become their Aerobic Country Director, managing at that time 17 clubs, over 100 aerobic instructors and over 1500 classes per week with multiple schedules in multiple Cities. I was the youngest Country Director I ever knew. It was a great time, and once again I grew with them and I was invited to take over the Personal Training Sales Department.

In 2012 I took over the PT Sales Department from Golds Gym Indonesia with that time 25 clubs, 270 Personal Trainers, over 5000 PT clients and with a monthly sales revenue around 300k U$D. Had the chance to work directly with the CEO of Golds Gym Indonesia Mr Francis Wanandi who run multiple businesses as well as working with the President Director of Golds Gym Indonesia Dennis Doulgeropoulos, who was the former Vice President of 24h Fitness in USA (444 clubs).

Rafael Duro Mens HealthBeside the Professional work I was invited to do a COVER SHOT for the Men’s Health Magazine in Indonesia on April 2012.

In 2013 I was invited by Fitness First to join the company as a General Manager from a club that wasn’t performing over two years. Because of my working history, they “give it a try” with me to turn over the club situation and within 3 MONTHS we were able to hit the sales target that haven’t been done in 2 years time.

With that done, I continued to explore more into the fitness business, I started looking into the operational side of the business, business development of fitness centers, HR department on how they selected their candidates, and so on …

With all this things happening, I still think that I could do better to help more people to achieve their goals. It was almost 9 years since I change position from the skill fitness professional to a business development/sales and management kind of guy. But it didn’t stop there…

The Fitness Industry in Asia is a closeknit community where everyone knows everyone and so because of my performance in the current company I was invited to work in Vietnam for another Fitness Chain.

Rafael Duro 90-day transformation

In 2014 I accept the proposal. I was hired as a GM but with a specific task to build a team from scratch, from sales , operational , cleaning, customer service, personal training department , aerobic department. Bear in mind this was Vietnam, where there is a very small English speaking local community and once again Language would be a challenge. Challenged accept and conquer.

It was a race for me, to learn and develop myself as much as I could. But it was time to get back to my passion and stronger skill set, change people’s lives.

In 2015 I came back to Penang, the place where I met my wife, and I decided to build my own business after all this years working and learn from different companies in different countries with different cultures and set of rules.

I promised myself that I would find a way to truly help people to achieve results as well as run a successful fitness business where I could control the outcome of my clients and business.

From 2015 to 2017 I have build a strong client list, off line and online, which empowered me to open my own Personal Training Studio in Penang Malaysia as well as open few online fitness business.

Rafael Duro Abs PoseIn 2017 I “dive deep” into bodybuilding, physiology, nutrition, joining my first bodybuilding competition.

I had to prepare myself to do it in a very intense way, learning as much as I could. All this knowledge that took me to the TOP 3 WORLDWIDE BODYBUILDING Category and TOP 5 WORLDWIDE Muscle Model Category, has been helping me to help so much more my clients.

2018 is here and there full of opportunities and I have ONE MISSION:


In all this years I realize that you can make money in so many ways, but when we can combine “making money and helping people” at the same time, it brings fulfilment to my life.

Throughout these 25 years, I NEVER STOP TRAINING MYSELF, NEVER STOP LEARNING ABOUT NUTRITION, PHYSIOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY, and one thing I realize: The more we study, the more we need to continue to do it. Knowledge and life experienced combined it is a very powerful tool.

The “THEDETOXGUY.COM” came to expand this reach and help so many more people around the world.

We aim to build a community of people who help each other to transform their lives to a healthier one for themselves and family.

Making small changes to our health and fitness make massive changes to the quality of our lives.

We are in this together.

With our guidance and your willingness to take action, we can make it happen!

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