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Join a group of healthy women and men sharing our products and earning commissions online!

We’re here to help people live, laugh and love with healthy abandon – from health-oriented families to performance-focused athletes alike!

Sound exciting? We are looking for naturally passionate, unique and energetic individuals to join our journey of both invention and reinvention!

Everyone gets a big savings, and you get CA$H. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Contact us by emailing us (affiliates (at) and provide details on how you can share our products and services to your audience
  2. Receive you unique tracking link to use in your online content and social media
  3. Save money with us and earn, receiving a monthly income *

Every referral sale get 50% commission and more

For every customer you refer to us you will receive 50% referral commission ($38.50 USD). So, imagine if you send JUST ONE customer per day you could earn $1,155 USD per month – ALL from working at home, with NO BOSS!

Can send more customers our way, even better you could be earning significantly more:

How Much Can I Earn per Month?

  • 1 customer per day ($38.5 USD) = $1,155 USD PER MONTH
  • 5 customers per day ($38.5 USD) = $5,775 USD PER MONTH
  • 10 customers per day ($38.5 USD) = $11,550 USD PER MONTH

How We Pay Ambassadors

For every ambassador who earns more than $100 USD per month we pay via PayPal 30 days after the end of the month. So, if your January 2019 referral commissions would be paid on the 1st March.

This is so we can ensure the transaction was successful and no fraud on the account occurred. This protects our customers, you as an ambassador and us.

For ambassadors who do larger volumes of over $1,000 USD referral commissions per month we can pay via wire transfer directly to you.

Apply to be an Ambassador and Start Earning TODAY!

Send us an email with your name and how you could refer customers to us to earn 50% or more commission from every sale:

affiliates (at)

(change the (at) for @ and remove any spaces)

We’re excited to hear from you!

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