Best MCT Oil Supplements for Detox - Recommended by The Detox Guy

Best MCT Oil Supplement

Best MCT Oil Supplements

If you’re looked into Ketogenic diets at all then you will have heard about MCT Oil. There has been a real buzz about MCT oil powder supplements for some time now, but why use this in your daily diet?

If you haven’t heard of MCT Oil and are unsure of the benefits then lets delve in.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides or medium chain fatty acids and most often derived from coconut oil.

MCT oil is colorless, odorless, and stays liquid at room temperature, which makes it a perfect fat to add to food, smoothies, and coffee for extra energy, increasing fat burning and boosting brain performance.

Benefits of MCT Oil

The main two benefits of MCT Oil are weight loss and brain performance but as a number of other properties too:

  • They can help you lose unwanted fat
  • They can suppress hunger
  • They provide quick, clean energy, especially brain energy
  • May help balance gut flora and support immune health
  • Prevent risk of diabetes
  • Increase exercise performance

As MCT Oil is known to work quickly because its absorbed faster than other fats and converted into energy. The way they’re metabolized in the body give them a host of benefits you won’t find in other fatty acids.

MCT Oils’ weight loss properties have made this supplement very popular during particular dieting fads, such as Keto and Palaeo (more about Keto here – Healthline Ketogenic 101).

Fats have always been known to help you stay fuller, longer.

However, more studies have been popping up showing that MCTs not only help you maintain satiety, but raise the metabolic rate at which your body functions. This makes this supplement ideal for anyone looking to control or lose weight.

MCT Oil Or Powder?

You can buy MCT in oil and powder forms, we tend to recommend opting for the MCT oil version as we like to include this in our coffee or consume via tablespoon.

We include MCT Oil in our 28-day Detox Diet Plan alongside L-Carnitine when we have a higher protein and fat macro content.

There are some disadvantages when taking MCT oil directly though such as diarrhea, irritability, as well as intestinal gas and discomfort. This usually only occurs when people consume too much MCT oil or take it on an empty stomach. If you experience these symptoms then you may wish to consider MCT powder instead.

Recommended MCT Oil Supplements

Since the popularity of MCT oil there have been an explosion of MCT oil supplements on the market. You can find these in most local health and supermarkets. We have selected two that we like that are available on Amazon.

Both these MCT Oil products can be used with our 28-day Detox Diet Plan.

Sports Research MCT Oil

MCT Oil Sports ResearchSports Research manufacture a premium MCT Oil derived only from Coconut Oil (no palm oil) and is approved for use with Ketogenic and Paleo diets .

Sports Research MCT Oil is available in three sizes; 16oz, 32oz and 128oz, with every purchase having a great 90-day money-back guarantee.

This supplement has excellent feedback on Amazon with over 2,700 reviews at the time of writing this article.

If you’re looking for a quality MCT oil supplement to supplement your diet then Sports Research are certainly worth considering.

Check Amazon for prices

Nature’s Way MCT Oil

Natures Way MCT OilNature’s Way MCT Oil is a pure source, no palm or filler oils, only from premium coconuts supplement.

Natures Way have a great name in the supplement industry and produced a number of vitamin and health supplements for all age groups. They even have a range of daily probiotic supplements.

Available in two sizes; 16oz and 30oz bottles, this supplements is recommended on Amazon Choice and has other 230 reviews at the time of writing this article.

Natures Way is a cheaper MCT Oil but still offers a great way to supplement your diet. Check out this supplement at your local supermarket or head over to Amazon to buy now.
Check Amazon for prices

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