Are you struggling to get in shape and in Penang?
28-Day Diet Plan + 2 Training Sessions

$99USD For the 28 Days Detox Diet Plan + 2 Personal Training sessions

It has been an amazing response for our 28 Days Detox Diet Plan.

It’s great to see people taking care of their health and fitness but more than that, it’s great to see the fantastic life-changing results experienced in 28-days!

Our 28 days detox diet plan is the solution to taking control over your body and your health - combating possibly years of feeling at mercy to weight gain and feeling tired all the time.

The plan offers you a nutritional strategy for losing or managing your weight. You'll discover how to eat healthy yet delicious food to achieve amazing results without starving yourself or doing any extreme weight loss diet regime. 

To enhance the success of the 28DDDP results we encourage you to exercise at least twice a week.

Now, here is the thing:

When you are new to a diet plan, even when you received the menu and know what to eat , it’s crucial and essential for you to have proper guidance at the beginning stage. Such help is invaluable for understanding the best way to prepare during the first few weeks of any diet plan, and making sure you understand what is happening with your body and why.

This understanding is the most efficient way to accelerate your results!

That’s why,, is happy to announce this unique opportunity in our professional gym located in Penang. 

$99USD For the 28 Days Detox Diet Plan + 2 Personal Training sessions with “the man himself Rafael Duro - The Detox Guy” (sessions worth $120USD - YOU GET FOR JUST $22USD)

Rafael will personally guide you and answer all your question about the detox as well as about the most efficient training program personally customised to you.

The two sessions will be scheduled with Rafael Duro.

Each session will be a 1 hour one-to-one session with Rafael Duro “The detox guy” who will take you through an exciting and efficient workout routine suitable to your physical condition.

You have the diet plan in place, NOW with two personal training sessions you have the workout in place too! 

“Exercise is a tool to help you to achieve your goal. You just gotta know how to do it.” - Rafael Duro 

How much is your health worth to you?

$99USD is a bargain for the amount of value you will receive.

So click below to get started and transform your body TODAY!

28 Day Detox Diet Plan
(worth $77 USD)

2 Training Sessions with
The Detox Guy aka Rafael

(worth $120 USD)

Meet your coach.... Rafael Duro.

With 18 years in training clients around the world and over 21 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Rafael is here to you help you !!! 


* We use our locally owned Gym in Penang and so this offer is only available to Penang residents or those visiting Penang.

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