Rafael Duro's Transformation Fitness Professional into Bodybuilder Athlete

Rafael Duro’s 6 Months Transformation from Fitness Professional into a Bodybuilder Athlete

Rafael Duro Top 5 Bodybuilding

This is my story of how I transformed within 6-months from a fitness professional to a Bodybuilding athlete. Not only did I achieve amazing changes in physique but placed TOP 3 worldwide in the bodybuilding category and Top 5 worldwide in the MuscleModel category at International BodyBuilding competitions. We hope this inspires you too!

Bodybuilding has been in my blood since a teenager. I always dreamt of being a bodybuilder but as I started to train in 1999 I realize that it wasn’t easy to become a successful bodybuilder.

I soon appreciated and to understand the levels of discipline and commitment required in Body Building.

My dedication was incredible high, I knew I wanted to do it!

For me it was either I have the condition to do it or I don’t. That’s far away from “motivational talk” but it’s about the day-to-day commitment and lifestyle choices in terms of eating, time for training, financial position, psychological state, family support and so much more.

Fitness Trainer to Athlete

I continued my career in fitness, graduating in Physical Education and undertook numerous courses to learn more about my passion, bodybuilding. I became a personal trainer and the rest is a long 16 years history of training not only myself but also thousands of clients around the world helping them to achieve amazing physiques.

Than finally in 2017, I decided that I would compete for the first time in my life, and I was prepared for all aspects of what was required to achieve my dream to become a bodybuilder and compete professionally.

In January 2017 I started my preparation.

Although I was training for 16 years I was far away from having a competition physique. I knew it would be impossible on my own, so I hired a coach from Brazil, who used to train athletes for competition and we started the journey together.

My First Month into my Preparation

That was the hardest month for me. I did a 4 weeks detox plan where I was cleaning and preparing my body for what was coming next. I needed to get rid of excess body fat at that time (18% body fat) as well as increase my BMR (BODY METABOLIC RATE) in order to be more efficient when comes to training and recovering.

I also did few blood tests making sure I was ok during the whole process.

Training at that first month was very basic, things that I used to do but the nutrition side was a very big difference. In the first month I was able to drop to 13% body fat, lost 7 kgs but I felt so much better and energetic.

The goal wasn’t to lose weight but to make my diet more alkaline and prepare my body specially my digestion system to be able to absorb nutrients, not only concerned to digest the food but to measure how much nutrients my body could absorb. A different approach to my diet was made on that first month that gave me knowledge on how my body was responding with the amount of food/macros I was consuming.

The following 4 months the “growth” started.

My training program was intense. Working out 6 times per week and eating pretty much 8 times a day besides my protein shakes. I was controlling only one very important fact: the increase of muscle mass and the decrease of body fat levels.

I was able to go up another 7 kgs in for months with no much increase in my body fat. I kept complex carbs out of most of the 4 months meals with some days having zero carbs, just to see and calculate how my body would respond without carbs.

(If you have ever competed you will know exactly what I am talking about here).

Rafael Duro 180 Day Transformation

My body was growing with a great symmetry and I was very happy with the progress.

The last month prior competition day I started the process of dropping body fat percentage to as low as I could in order to be around 4% on competition day.

There is no denying it, this WAS HARD WORK!

To maintain the muscle mass and drop body fat at the same time my nutrition plan was taken again to another direction. I was eating extremely amounts of protein and fats (omega 3, flaxseed oil, MCT, coconut oil) and keeping my carbs in a cycle, going from high carbs day to 0 carbs within a week. Strategies used to take my body to where we wanted to go.

One week before the competition was even more challenging controlling the water consumption. The process went very well though.

That was 6 months of preparation, training and eating with in the highest level of focus, and yet being a dad, a husband, a personal trainer, an online coach, and cook….

Like I mentioned earlier, bodybuilding takes you to a very high level of discipline in order to achieve specific goals. I never felt I wanted to give up but definitely I was pushed, challenged to complete my daily tasks.

Some of the days were very hard, but I kept going knowing that I would do what it takes at least one time in my life to compete and possibly win a major Body Building competition.

Put this way, it wasn’t easy BUT I Knew it would be that way and I WAS PREPARED TO PAY THE PRICE.

Competition day!

Rafael Duro Bodybuilding poseI was feeling very well, not hungry, not exhausted like we often hear about bodybuilding athletes, because I was in control of my condition.

I trained and learned how my body should be performing on the competition day and I was aware of my physiological sensations. So in case I feel any complication, dehydration or dizziness, I would know exactly what to do. But I was prepared. I avoided the risk of feeling that way.

With hard work and dedication I achieved a 3.2% body fat on competition day (did not need that low %).

Competition went very well and I placedTOP 3 worldwide in the bodybuilding category and Top 5 worldwide in the MuscleModel category.

I definitely knew I could win “IF” I have done few changes on my diet. Hey, but guess what, only when you go through one time you will know how you could have done better. I did my best in my capabilities, but at the point my best wasn’t good enough to win on that day, but I’m sure in my next competition I will prepare myself even better.


When it comes to diet, it’s all about knowing how your body responds with certain types of food and quantity too.

Every macronutrient is important, carbs, protein, fats, mineral, vitamins, but you should know exactly when to utilize each of them.

When it comes to training, it’s all about your CAPACITY TO RECOVER. It’s not about how hard you train but HOW FAST your body can recover so you can train again. The intensity of training and the capacity of recover walks hand to hand.

When it comes to mindset, it’s pretty much Do or Die.

With that level of focus and commitment you can definitely achieve amazing things in life. You got to be willing to “pay the price” , to do “whatever it takes”, to achieve that specific outcome. It’s a choice you make. If you do it, you will DISCOVER YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

Without HELP be it coaching or knowledge, I wouldn’t be never able to achieve what I did. We all need help and guidance. Choose wisely your mentors. You need them to get you further in your life!

My 28 days Detox plan will get you started in the right way.

It’s beyond just “weight loss”.

It’s when you get to know yourself, how committed to change you are, how badly you really want to get better in life.

Make a decision to DO! We will EMPOWER you to get where you want to be!

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