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Understanding Keto Diet and Weight Loss Benefits

What is Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet was first used as a diet therapy to manage epilepsy more effectively during the 1920s and 1930s as an alternative to fasting. New epilepsy treatments saw the diet become less used and it wasn’t until the late 90s it started to become famous again due to Holloywood attention.

The Keto Diet became one of the most popular diet fads of 2017, in fact its still popular today with many programs using this approach to transform bodies. But what is the Keto Diet and are the associated weight loss benefits to be believed?

What is Ketosis?

To understand what a Ketogenic diet is, you will need to understand first what KETOSIS is.

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body.

In normal circumstances, the body’s cells use glucose as their primary form of energy. Glucose is typically derived from dietary carbohydrates.

The body breaks these down into simple sugars. Glucose can either be used to fuel the body or be stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen.

If there is not enough glucose available to meet energy demands, the body will adopt an alternative strategy in order to meet those needs. Specifically, the body begins to break down fat stores to provide glucose from triglycerides.

Ketones are a by-product of this process.

Ketones are acids that build up in the blood and are eliminated in urine. In small amounts, they serve to indicate that the body is breaking down fat, but high levels of ketones can poison the body, leading to a process called ketoacidosis.

Ketosis describes the metabolic state whereby the body converts fat stores into energy, releasing ketones in the process.

Keto diets are often used to force the body to metabolize fats into energy therefore creating the metabolic state to facilitate fat loss.

The diet itself can be regarded as a high-fat diet, with around 75 percent of calories derived from fats. By contrast, around 20 percent and 5 percent of calories are gained from proteins and carbohydrates, respectively.

Using this specific strategy with the Ketogenic diet plan won’t make extreme changes too fast, as the radical drop in the quantity of carbs and the increase of fat intake could be challenging for you.

The goal here is to see you succeed, therefore we will do the “Ketogenic diet” with a higher quantity of protein and some specific “good fats”, such as nuts, to make you feel full throughout the day, even with a low carbohydrate intake.

More about the Ketogenic diet from wikipedia.

Potential Side Effects of Ketosis

Whilst you most likely hear about the positive benefits of being in a state of ketosis there are some drawbacks to be aware of.

Be aware of these symptoms and how to adjust your nutritional intake accordingly can make your ketogenic diet more effective and safer.

Common Ketosis Side Effects

  • Stomach Ache: You can experience a painful stomach if dehydrated, which is a common occurrence on this type of diet. The main reason is linked to a reduced carb intake as each gram of glycogen (stored form of glucose from carbs) stores 4 grams of water, so less glycogen means less water in the body. The solution can be to drink an incredible amount of water.
  • Low Energy: Most likely due to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels. If you eat lots of carbs you may be more likely to experience this symptom. The remedy is to wait a few days whilst your body gets used to the new dietary regime.
  • Brain Fog / Confusion: The reduction in blood glucose to the brain can cause temporary confusion and “brain fog” symptoms. If so then consuming more fat in your diet can help deliver fatty acids for energy.
  • Irritable / Lack Motivation: Switching over to a lower-carb diet can cause changes in mood due to physiological or psychological factors. Are you missing your pasta and potato dishes? Then it’s maybe a psychological factor. It’s worth noting that side effects are not dangerous and are only temporary, often decreasing within a few days.

Please note: If you experience unpleasant side effects then you may wish to consult a physician to ensure its nothing serious. All common ketosis symptoms should be temporary and not long lasting. If in doubt then stop following the keto plan and speak to a professional.

Why Keto Diet Helps Weight Loss

I’m sure you may struggle with weight loss at certain times but in most cases, you are not actually struggling physically, but your its your physiology – aka what your eating!

Your body will reflect what your daily nutritional habits have been. What you will need here is to understand the necessity to adapt to a better lifestyle and change food choices and your body will definitely show this.

The Detox Guy Testimonials

We recommend the Ketogenic Diet because we understand the necessity of sustainability for the success of a diet plan. At the beginning we know it’s not an easy task to change and adapt to a totally new diet plan, but we need to make sure you will commit to the change and succeed.

Studies have shown that for a person to succeed in any changes or adaptations they will need to “see and feel” progress, therefore giving them even more motivation to follow through the whole process.

The Ketogenic diet is a very efficient and fast result type of diet.

You will definitely see your body change as you go along with the plan and that feeling of seeing results will increase your potential to succeed.

How do ketogenic diets promote weight loss?

  • Higher protein intake: Some ketogenic diets lead to an increase in protein intake, which has many weight loss benefits.
  • Food elimination: Limiting your carb intake also limits your food options. This can noticeably reduce calorie intake, which is key for fat loss.
  • Gluconeogensis: Your body converts fat and protein into carbs for fuel. This process may burn many additional calories each day.
  • Appetite suppressant: Ketogenic diets help you feel full. This is supported by positive changes in hunger hormones, including leptin and ghrelin.
  • Improved insulin sensitivity: Ketogenic diets can drastically improve insulin sensitivity, which can help improve fuel utilization and metabolism.
  • Decreased fat storage: Some research suggests ketogenic diets may reduce lipogenesis, the process of converting sugar into fat.
  • Increased fat burning: Ketogenic diets rapidly increase the amount of fat you burn during rest, daily activity and exercise.

We use a Keto Diet plan in our stage two of the 28 day detox diet plan to get your body into a ketosis state to really encourage fat loss.

The results of our stage two 7-day ketogenics diet can be very different from one person to another, some of our past clients have experienced a drop of 5kg or 11lbs in only 7 days.

Bear in mind this is our stage two in the program, which you have been preparing for with your Detoxing in the first week, which will have helped accelerate the body energy burning system transitioning to ketosis.

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